Class: Patrol Vessels

Design: 85m Offshore Patrol Vessel

Project 'Protector'

85 M "Protector" Class OPV, New Zealand Navy    

Length OA

85.0 m

Length WL

77.6 m


14.0 m

Draft (design)

3.6 m

Speed (max)

22 knots


1740 Tonnes


28 Days


5,520 kW



STXM has recently completed the design of a new and innovative Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) for the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN). Two of these 85-meter vessels were built at Tenix Defence Marine Divisionís Williamstown shipyard near Melbourne, Australia and delivered in 2007. The HMNZS Otago and HMNZS Wellingdon were to enter service in 2008.

OPVs offer an alternative to employing higher priced frigates and destroyers to perform duties such as illegal immigration surveillance, drug interdiction, searchand rescue, fisheries and environment enforcement and countering terrorism.

STXM has worked closely with Tenix and the New Zealand Ministry of Defence (NZMoD) to develop a design that fully meets the requirements of the Contract. The ship is designed to have excellent seakeeping qualities, 6,000 nautical mile endurance, and an icestrengthened hull, which enables the vessel to patrol the Ross Sea near Antarctica in the summer months.

Replicating the RNZN ANZAC frigates, the vessel carries complete helicopter facilities including flight deck with night landing capability, basic maintenance hangar and refueling facility.


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